Las Vegas entertainer Christian Augustine is a renowned magician who has performed around the world. With over 800 shows a year, Christian appears at theme parks, school assembly shows, corporate events and fundraisers all over the United States. Christian has performed at Magic Island in houston as well as international destinations in Germany and Mexico. He has been seen on MTV, PBS and the Discovery Channel. Christian has appeared on stages in Las Vegas including “That’s Magic” at the Greek Isles Hotel and Casino and at the New Frontier in “Comedy Magic All-Stars”. Christian has also performed for corporate events at Bally’s, Paris, The Riviera, The Venetian and the Tropicana Hotel and Casino.
A question that is often asked of any magician is "How did it all begin?" Well, it's no different when it comes to Christian Augustine. The answer however may be quite different. Christian remembers the day he decided to become a magician as clear as yesterday. 
Christian was 8 years old when he first attended a magic show with his father. That afternoon as the silver-haired magician on stage worked his magic, he was also starting the dream of being a magic in Christian's mind. After the show he told his dad that he now knew exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up-a magician. Christian's dad was very supportive of his dream, and helped young Christian to acquire the necessary tools of the trade, spending hours with him picking out the best tricks for his act. His father also knew the importance of having a great teacher.
This is where the silver-haired magician that had sparked the fire of magic in Christian came back into the picture. The magician, Max Hapner became Christian's mentor, helping him hone the craft of not only magic but of weaving a spell, and the importance of telling a story with magic. Christian practiced for hours a day, working on coin tricks, and the dexterity in his hands and fingers. He also worked on his "patter", the magician's art of story-telling. All along the way Max offered advice, and guidance to help Christian become a great magician. Christian began to perform locally for dinners, grand openings, restaurants, shopping malls, and at parties. It was a start and soon he began to perform on bigger stages and in bigger places.
Christian eventually took the place of Max Hapner who had been the long-time resident magician of Buckskin Joe, an old west theme park in southern Colorado. Max had recommended Christian when he was ready to retire from his position as resident magician. Christian auditioned for the owners of the theme park with a whole western-style magic show, complete with his assistant making an appearance in a saloon-girl outfit. After the audition, the owners talked to Christian and told him that they weren't looking for a western magic show for their western town, they wanted to give the tourists a break from the west. Plus Max had told them he was unique and original with his routines. Christian learned a valuable lesson that day, and has never wavered since. Christian did get the job and he decided to do what he did best. He nixed the saloon-girl outfit for his assistant, and all the western stuff, and did his own brand of magic. He has remained true to this, and continues to create and innovate his show and magic routines, making him one of the most versatile performers in magic today.
Christian still performs at Buckskin Joe every summer. For the last six years he also began touring with the Bureau of Lectures to schools all over the U.S. He performs 800 to 900 shows a year and travels more than 45,000 miles! Christian has been one of the first magicians to ever create and perform educational shows about math, science, reading, and history in schools everywhere. 
Christian also to his credit has performed along with these on-going projects for many festivals and fund-raising events. Christian has performed as Magic Island in Houston to packed houses as well as in Kansas, and even in international destinations such as Germany and Mexico. He also has appeared on MTV, PBS, and the Discovery channel performing his magic. Christian is a collector of magic as well and loves to trade and sell magic where-ever his travels take him. 
Christian currently lives in Las Vegas and continues to perform magic, and deal in magic. He also plays in a band that is comprised of local magicians. Christian has appeared on stages in Las Vegas with his magic as well, including a show called "That's Magic" at the Greek Isles Hotel and Casino (formerly the Debbie Reynolds Casino), and at the New Frontier in "Comedy Magic All-Stars". He also was a regular performer at Comedy/Magic Night at the Magic Star Casino. Christian has also performed for corporate events at Balley's, Paris, The Riviera, Venetian, and The Tropicana Hotel and Casino. 

 Christian performs and loves magic wherever he is and is always creating new projects and planning more travels. A journey that started when he was 8 years old continues to take him more places that he ever dreamt possible. Believing in your dreams must be the real magic to life, and Christian is lucky enough to live the life of magic.